The annual subscription from Clubs shall be set by the Committee and ratified at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions must be paid to the Hon. Treasurer by 1st April each year. Subscription fee per club from year 2012 is £20.

    Each Club shall be responsible to the League for only those matters which fall under the jurisdiction of The East Kent Mixed Triples Bowling League.
    Clubs wishing to nominate a suitable person for any of the Officers under Rule 6 shall forward nominations to the Honorary Secretary of The East Kent Mixed Triples Bowling League at least fourteen days prior to the A.G.M. All nominations for Office will be considered by the Committee and if more than one is received for any post a ballot will be taken at the Annual General Meeting. If no nomination is received for any post, the Honorary Secretary shall notify the Committee as soon as possible thereafter and discussion of the matter will be placed on the Agenda of the next Committee meeting.
    Notice of the Annual General Meeting, agenda, notice of motions received and names of any nominations shall be sent to each Club Secretary fourteen days prior to the proposed date of the Annual General Meeting.

    All member Clubs shall be eligible to take part in a six Mixed Triples league competition. Each triple to consist of either 2 ladies and 1 man or 2 men and 1 lady. Under no circumstances will this be allowed to be altered. If at any time a club is unable to meet the ‘mixed’ criteria for any of their triples to be fielded, rule 7 will apply. However, should a game take place with a club fielding one or more triples purely made up of men or women then that club shall forfeit the points for that triple(s) to their opponents and also the 2 points awarded for overall match score. Games will be mutually arranged by clubs and played on dates and venues as agreed and played over 18 ends, with 2 trial ends. In the event of inclement weather, if both clubs agree the trial ends can be dispensed with and in the match to follow 1 shot only will count on the first 2 ends. If on the approved date and venue the full match of six triples cannot for any reason be played, then the following criteria will be adhered to in this order.

    1. The match will be played on a reduced number of triples at the venue stated on the fixture list to a minimum of 3 triples with rule 7 being applied.
    2. If the venue is not available for any reason to play the reduced game, then the match will be switched to the opponents green with the subsequent fixture also being reversed.

    If neither (1) or (2) above are practical then the Honorary League Secretary must be informed no later than 72 hours prior to the fixture start time and Regulation 5 will be applied.

    Only matches affected by no venue being available will be considered for postponement.

    Failure to follow the above procedure will result in the offending club forfeiting all 8 points to their opponents.

    The League will award points on the basis of one point for each winning rink, half point for each drawn rink and two points for the higher score overall: the maximum score will be eight points.

    Each Member Club shall advise the Secretary of the League no later than 1st April each year their league fixture programme for the season ahead.

    Should any match be postponed, the clubs will mutually arrange a new date for the fixture to enable the match programme to be met by  15th September. In the event that either Club is unable to fulfil a fixture it should advise its opponents by 10.00 a.m. on the preceding day or in the event of inclement weather early enough to prevent the away team from travelling.

    Where a match is abandoned as a result of exceptional weather conditions, including bad light, providing that the match has played 60 ends or more, then the existing score will stand as a result.

    The Home Club shall be responsible for advising the League Secretary of the re­arrangement of a fixture.

    Commencing time of play is to be agreed by clubs at arrangement of fixture but a ten minute allowance will be made to allow player(s) to arrive. In the event of a team being unable to field six triples to commence by the time allowed, the incomplete triple(s) will be forfeited by the offending team, the point(s) being awarded to their opponents.

    Any other occurrence or abnormality which may cause a discord between the two teams and prevent a satisfactory outcome will be referred to the League Committee for adjudication the presence of the Clubs involved being required in such a case. In the event that a match does not take place and the 2 clubs agree to share the points, the 2 points for overall winner will not be awarded and the clubs will be given 3 points each.

    The Club with the highest aggregate points (match and bonus points combined) at the close of the competition will be deemed to be the League Champions, and will receive the winner’s trophy to be held for one year. In the event of an aggregate points tie the winners shall be determined by the aggregate shots score in the home and away matches played by the tying Clubs. Thereafter determination shall be the best shots difference from the entire league season played by the tying Clubs.

    Both the Home and Away Clubs must convey match results to the Honorary League Secretary by E-mail or text as soon as possible after conclusion of the game. If E-mail or text is not an option then the result must be telephoned through to the Honorary League Secretary. Failure of either team to notify the Honorary Secretary of the match result within seven days will result in the offending Club forfeiting one point.

    The Home Club shall provide refreshments, and the away Club will pay the normal green fees as set by the League Committee (currently £3.00).

Effective from 1 April 2018